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Join Us This Year at Our Charming Summer Camp in Colton, Oregon!

Nestled under majestic cedar trees and serenaded by two gentle creeks, our venue offers the perfect backdrop for The Temple of Belonging—a five-day, four-night retreat designed for women ready to pause their daily routines and embrace peace, play, and connection.

Immerse Yourself in a Space Designed for Renewal and Joy: 

Our gathering is a sanctuary where you can share wisdom, savor good food, engage in meaningful conversations, and revel in the beauty of nature. It’s more than just a retreat; it’s a vibrant community experience that you’ll be tempted to make a permanent part of your life!

Belonging, Inclusivity and expanding what is Woman:

This space is for all who identify as women, and deeply value creating brave spaces for authenticity to flourish in our many expressions of womanhood. BIPOC, LGBTQ, Non-Binary and the many ways the 'woman' is evolving with our world are honored here as collaborators for our devotion to belonging. There are intentional spaces for women in all stages of life, from child to maiden to mother to crone. We are here to return to each other.

Choose your own adventure: 

With a wide and exciting variety of activities, you can customize your flow to reflect your personal journey and needs here at the Gathering. This is YOUR time, YOUR space, and YOUR experience to navigate in the ways that are most delicious to you.

It takes Courage to rebuild a culture of belonging:

Your presence here is an offering to the world we all seek to reclaim, and when we gather in sincerity and sisterhood, anything is possible. Our mission is simple: to return to right relationship with ourselves and each other as women who are co-evloving with the world, and who are ready to belong to it yet again.

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Honoring The Land

We humbly acknowledge that our programming is held on the traditional lands of the Molalla and Kalapuya people. We take this opportunity to offer respectful recognition to the Native communities in our region, and to those who have stewarded this land throughout the generations.


We recognize the continual displacement of Native people by the United States and are committed to work on dismantling the ongoing effects of this settler colonial legacy. Please join us in gratitude for ​the contributions Indigenous peoples have and continue to make to our community, country, and world.

Establishing a practice of acknowledgment can be a powerful first step toward correcting the stories and practices that erase indigenous people’s history and culture.


Through this simple gesture, we move toward inviting and honoring the truth, and countering the “doctrine of discovery” that our country was falsely founded upon. 

Such statements become truly meaningful when coupled with authentic relationships and sustained commitment. Let us therefore consider how to move beyond words into programs and actions that fully embody a commitment to indigenous rights and cultural equity.

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What this gathering offers:

  • An Emergent, Diverse, Inclusive, and Accessible space to be seen, held, and cared for!

  • Access to 40 acres of forested land, with creeks and trails to explore and commune with.

  • 5 days, 4 nights days of intentional and inclusive programming, workshops, ceremonies, ritual, and emergent conversation
  • All meals that are consciously sources, nutrient dense, and made with love

  • Childcare and mama's den space for support for all our little ones and their mothers

  • A spa and lounge for those who wish to focus on slowing down and receiving physical and energetic care

  • A marketplace to showcase and sell the many beautiful goods made by our community

  • Morning movement, qi gong, and yoga 

  • Space to "choose your own adventure" and explore the depth of land and wisdom workshops that you want

  • A tea and tarot lounge to unwind and drop in

  • A silent temple space to enjoy quiet and solitary time

  • Nature trails and wooded nooks to explore and connect with nature

  • Nightly fire and star gazing

  • A sacred rememberance of our ancestral ways of living and loving and learning together.

  • A brave and humble space to share all the nuances of sisterhood, community, healing and tending to the present moment


The Offerings:

This gathering offers over 60 women sharing workshops, ceremonies, wisdom shares, ancestral crafts, movement arts, healing opportunities and wellness services!

Each detail of this gathering was crafted with our core values at heart:




Check out the magic, and join us for the PNW's most delicious women's gathering!

The Little Ones:

Kids Camp includes 7 hours of professional childcare daily all meals, facilities, tools and craft supplies. This allows mamas to participate in programming, while kids have a space to play and be creative. This also ensures a clear container for workshops and offerings that are not kid-friendly, giving mothers and other participants space to fully drop in and connect.

We want your littles to be welcome and part of ToB, and the greater prayer is ToB is a place for women to connect deeply with themselves, each other and the land. In that spirit, we offer Kids Camp to have a distinct place for kids to be kids, while mamas and the rest can enjoy the workshops that are less kid-friendly. There are plenty moments for kids to be integrated with the whole during meal time, sketch comedy, and some more kid-friendly activities.


The camping:

This is a camping event. We also have limited car camping (for an extra fee, please purchase your car camping pass on the ticket page) and a very small amount of rooms to rent if you wish (please email asap to check on availability).

If you have accessibility needs, please email us after purchasing your ticket.

Tent camping is included in your festival ticket.

The camping is part forest and part field, perfect for fairy lights and hanging decor and making your camping spot your home for the weekend. Please be respectful of the land and leave no trace.

You are expected to pack out everything you pack in.

Super nice bathroom, full showers, and drinking water will be available for you to enjoy.

There is RV hook ups for 2 - please email us to book these.

If you need support renting camping gear, head to ->

The nourishment:

It's so important for women to be nourished together, and to be well fed :)

 So, we are proud to be a fully catered event!

Nourishing and intentional meals will be provided throughout the week by Adrienne Hasler and her team :)

Meals will be nutrient dense, protein balanced, plant forward, gluten free and dairy free.
You will be lovingly fed from dinner on Sunday the 4th to brunch on Thursday the 8th.

All women are required to bring their own bowl/plate, mug, and set of utensils. Larger bowls are highly recommended as we will be having soups/stews many of the evenings. 

*BYO cooler for beverages, snack for in between meals, and any extra goodies you may desire to nourish the specific needs of your own bodies.


What to bring?

  • Water bottle

  • Sturdy shoes and sandals

  • Extra snacks and beverage products that you love

  • All camping gear (tent, pad, pillow, blankets, headlamp, tent stakes)

  • Extra shade structure if needed

  • Toiletries and towels

  • Ca$h money for artisan gifts, certain workshops, and spa offerings

  • All eating utensils: cups, plate and/or bowl

  • Sunglasses / sunblock / bug spray

  • Personal medications and care needs

  • Warm clothing for night

  • Drums and instruments

  • EVERYTHING you may need for your little ones!

  • Carts, baskets, or bags for transporting goodies around the land

  • Blankets and floor mats

  • Yoga Mat

  • Land offering / Altar pieces

  • An open heart

Things to note:

  • There is a minor emergency close down the road

  • You will have cell service, but try and be present and stay off the phone

  • We will not allow people to come and go attendance unless agreed to by the staff, once you are here, please stay with us to help with the cohesive energy field. Late arrivals and early departures are allowed

  • We encourage a sober event, but will not be policing anyone - please consume the intoxication of sisterhood and nature instead of substances.

The Nature of Belonging

We've named our gathering "The Temple of Belonging" with intention and courage, deeply committed to uncovering the lessons it has to teach of us. This event is more than a mere gathering; it's an invitation to deepen our connection with ourselves and each other, and a reminder of our shared responsibility to create a world where everyone feels they belong, despite the complexities and challenges this may involve.

Belonging can manifest differently for each individual, yet we do believe it is an inherent state that each of us is able to occupy. Our goal is not to impose a single definition, but to encourage you to explore and embrace your unique experience of belonging. Through our time together, we aim to nurture a space of freedom, honesty, and intimacy, co-creating the deep, empowering connections we all desire—with ourselves, with each other, and with the greater source that unites us.

We invite you to join us with an open heart, a compassionate mind, and a readiness to embrace this experience as a vital part of your journey and contribution to our collective reality.

You are loved, valued, and welcomed exactly as you are.

Thank you for being part of this special moment, as we journey back to Belonging, in all the beautiful forms it takes.

With love, the T.O.B crew and kin.

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