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Here are some common questions to help orient you to the space:

I have young children, are they welcome, and is this event kid friendly?

We want your littles to be welcome and part of ToB, and the greater prayer is ToB is a place for women to connect deeply with themselves, each other and the land. In that spirit, we offer Kids Camp to have a distinct place for kids to be kids, while mamas and the rest can enjoy the workshops that are less kid-friendly. However, kids will need to be enrolled in kids camp to ensure they are properly cared for since this is much more of a women's gathering than it is a family campout - very little of the programming is kid-friendly, but that doesn't mean we can't integrate our kids and littles into the heart of this gathering.

Please check out the VILLAGE page for more information on Kids Camp details! 

What if my kid has a special need, are they required to be part of kids camp? 

If for some reason your child is not able to participate in kids camp for medical, health or other reasons, please email us to chat about what the other options may include :

I really want to attend, but can't make the whole weekend, can I come and go?

We strongly encourage you to participate in the full (full-ish) weekend. We will accept late arrivers and early leavers, but coming and going is not allowed unless it is needed to (please email us with you needs and we are happy to accommodate) but this ensures that we can support a closed and safe energetic container for this land and this gathering without bringing in too much outside energy.

Is this an only camping event? I don't have camping gear:

Yes, this is a camping event, and we are aware that not everyone who want's to attend will be fully comfortable camping. Car camping is also an option, as well as renting and Air B&B within 20 min of the venue is allowed as well. If you need help renting camping gear - here is a great local PDX resource :

Are dogs allowed?

We cannot welcome any 4 legged friends this year, due to the land being a sanctuary for wildlife. Service animals that can stay on a leash will be the only dogs allowed. 

Are there payment plan options for this?


Am I allowed to bring alcohol or other substances?

We aim to create a sober space so the deep medicine of the earth, connection with each other, and the potency of the gathering itself to enter your energy in the ways that it's meant to. We will not be policing substance use, but do ask you to consider taking time off, and being fully present with what this weekend really has to offer. Intoxication however, will not be tolerated. 


*Disclaimer - The gathering has the right to ask anyone to leave who is demonstrating harmful, intoxicated, racist, sexist, or any other form of dehumanizing behavior. 

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