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The Temple of Belonging is a co-creative journey into the heart of women-centered relationships and communion. We seek to rediscover the luminous, profound, and fruitful essence of feminine connection, honoring the ancient songs of the land we gather on and envisioning a new reality of living in harmony with both timeless and emerging wisdom.

We embrace all stages of life—child, maiden, mother, crone, and ancestor—inviting each to join us in this sacred space over four transformative days.


Welcome, kin. Your presence here plants the seeds for a future of collaboration, celebrating the generative power of feminine vitality and the beauty of womanhood.

The nature of belonging...​

We've named our gathering "The Temple of Belonging" with intention and courage, deeply committed to uncovering the lessons it has to teach of us. This event is more than a mere gathering; it's an invitation to deepen our connection with ourselves and each other, and a reminder of our shared responsibility to create a world where everyone feels they belong, despite the complexities and challenges this may involve.

Belonging can manifest differently for each individual, yet we do believe it is an inherent state that each of us is able to occupy. Our goal is not to impose a single definition, but to encourage you to explore and embrace your unique experience of belonging. Through our time together, we aim to nurture a space of freedom, honesty, and intimacy, co-creating the deep, empowering connections we all desire—with ourselves, with each other, and with the greater source that unites us.

We invite you to join us with an open heart, a compassionate mind, and a readiness to embrace this experience as a vital part of your journey and contribution to our collective reality.

You are loved, valued, and welcomed exactly as you are.

Thank you for being part of this special moment, as we journey back to Belonging, in all the beautiful forms it takes.

With love, the T.O.B crew and kin.

Kids Camp:
Bringing your kids to the gathering

Children (ages 1-15) are welcome to join ToB by enrolling in Kids Camp.

Boys under age 5 are welcome.

Kids Camp includes 7 hours of professional childcare daily all meals, facilities, tools and craft supplies. This allows mamas to participate in programming, while kids have a space to play and be creative. This also ensures a clear container for workshops and offerings that are not kid-friendly, giving mothers and other participants space to fully drop in and connect.

What your kids ticket includes:

-Fully staffed day-care for 7 hours per day during workshops and yoga 

-all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner each day)

-a large lodge with bathrooms, a kitchen and bunkbeds (see photo below)

-programing each day for specific age groups

-mama and kids activities that are open all hours

-evening story time

-a place for your babes to be fully supported and cared for

Why do my kids need to be part of Kids Camp? 

We want your littles to be welcome and part of ToB, and the greater prayer is ToB is a place for women to connect deeply with themselves, each other and the land. In that spirit, we offer Kids Camp to have a distinct place for kids to be kids, while mamas and the rest can enjoy the workshops that are less kid-friendly. There are plenty moments for kids to be integrated with the whole during meal time, sketch comedy, and some more kid-friendly activities.

We have seen 1st hand how hard it is for mothers to enjoy what the gathering has to offer, as well as it can be a challenge for other participants to be able to be fully present if there are children in spaces that are no designed to fully support them. Kids camp is a labor of love to welcome women to have space to be women, while honor the nature of motherhood and the needs of the child here at camp.

Schedule of camp:
Childcare will be available everyday during morning yoga and both AM and PM workshop slots, providing opportunities for mothers to participate in the depth of this gathering while still having their little well cared for. The paid staff are qualified and vetted care providers who are here to ensure your child is fully tended to and engaged.


Wellness Spa and Lounge

We are thrilled to offer healing arts and spa services at this year's gathering!

We have a full line-up of seasoned and heart-full energy work, massage, acupuncture, and bodywork specialists to support those who want to enjoy a more restorative, rejuvenating, and balancing experience to add on to their gathering experience!

There will be a spa lounge that offers DIY self-care delights, pop-up workshops focused on health, beauty, and self-care, and will be a space to mellow out and unwind from the day's activities.

The spa and lounge is sponsored by the magnificent team at

Black Moon Wellness!



We will have a community marketplace that is open all weekend featuring medicine, art, pottery, weavings, and more from our attendees and facilitators and crew!

If you are interested in bringing your wares and good to sell, please fill out this form here:


Partners and Sponsors!

Huge thank you to the many supportive businesses and individuals who helped support the beauty and being of this year's gathering. 

Please thank our sponsors with us, by supporting their business!

2024 sponsors to be announced!

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