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Our Why

Belonging is not gauranteed,
but we are here to awaken and remember it, together.

There’s an inner child within us that remembers living down the street from our friends and the times when a sense of wonder was a short walk away. A place where our bodies felt safe before we were told to be this or that, to act and look a certain way - a time before we forgot we belonged to ourselves and each other.

The Temple of Belonging reminds us that community is all around us, and ready to welcome us in, from the soils of this earth to the soul’s of its inhabitants. It’s in the conversations that speak to our humanity, the softness of feeling held and seen, and the energy of coming alive together that’s at the heart of our gathering.


This is a place in service to remembering what is already innate within us.

When you’re building a new community and on your healing journey, there’s often a longing for deep connection - a place where you feel understood and received. We’re here to remember that moments of genuine care and sisterhood don’t have to feel temporary, but do require participation. With our online membership, we're nurturing opportunities to stay connected,  meet new kin, and share a wealth of wisdom from our integrated collective. There’s so much we can learn from one another. We have four tiers of membership so you can choose how you want to stay connected. 


But the deeper WHY for Temple of Belonging:

What we are truly undertaking here is a profound journey into the heart and pains of our collective experience as women. We confront the deeply ingrained fears that have been woven into the fabric of our being—fears of each other, fears of ourselves, and the profound disconnection that has been imposed upon us.

Many of us carry the scars of sisterhood and motherhood wounds, haunting memories of exclusion or betrayal by other women. It is a remarkable act of courage to step into a space teeming with over 200 women, to be enveloped in an atmosphere of vulnerability and openness for days on end.

Healing these core wounds requires a direct confrontation with them. We gather here to embrace the diversity of bodies, beliefs, and expressions of womanhood, to honor each without judgment or condemnation. We invite you to rediscover the unique essence of your femininity, to hold it with grace and courage within our community, so that you may reconnect with all that you are through the collective strength of 'we.'

At the Temple of Belonging, we urge each of us to draw closer, to bridge the gaps created by hurt and the lingering colonial narratives that whisper of unworthiness. Our gathering is a practice in living in right relationship with the multifaceted, untamable, and unpredictable nature of Womanhood.

We acknowledge the reservations that some may have in joining us in song and sisterhood, and we want to affirm that we deeply understand these hesitations. Your choice to be here is an act of love and a brave step towards healing old patterns. We honor the depth of courage it takes to embrace yourself and to forge kinship with Women.

While we cannot promise that every participant will find the sense of belonging that becomes their medicine, we do not expect it to be so for everyone. This gathering is an invitation into deeper intimacy with all that is true, an aspect beyond our control for the collective.

Nevertheless, we gather in reverence for the longing in our hearts that yearns to belong once more—as women, in our wholeness, and in kinship with each other and all that it encompasses.

We can shift these tides together.

Our gathering and membership are centered around three main ethics:



For too long, women have been pushed to the edges of the community, and it's time to re-weave them back into the loving arms of each other. Imagine a community where you can truly let your hair down. Where fear, shame, or guilt aren’t on the mind. Now imagine how much space this opens to feel joy in your body. That’s what belonging feels like. With our annual gathering and ongoing membership, we create space for community engagement, inspiring connections and nourishing offerings tailored to the soul of Women.



The journey of belonging can feel lonely and even crunchy at times. Our goal is to support you in cultivating a sense of “home” from the inside out, in such a way that your innate belonging is nurtured and celebrated. This idea of feeling at home can be unfamiliar when it’s a new experience. Temple of Belonging supports you in knowing that you’re not alone, especially when you belong to yourself first and foremost.



Temple of Belonging is the tapestry that holds space for women to commune with each other and remember what it means to be a woman, and why that matters. Beyond societal patterns that foster separation and competition, the innate desire to gather lives within us all, because we know it’s the first medicine. Like moths to a flame, that desire calls us here. Our gathering is designed for you to honor your flow and invite you deeper into what brings you most alive! From attending workshops, wisdom-shares, communal meals, evening dancing, playing at kids camp or recharging in our Silent Temple, you get to choose what feels most aligned for you.

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