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Our Why

To remember that belonging is a community practice.

In today’s world, the yearning for a profound sense of community often goes unmet, especially for women navigating the challenges of a predominantly masculine society.


The Temple of Belonging emerges as a heartfelt response to this longing, a sanctuary where every woman is invited to reunite with her inherent wholeness and truth. Here, we remember a time untouched by fear and separation—a time ripe for revival.

Our vision is simple: to foster a community where open hearts and grounded spirits thrive. The Temple is not just a gathering; it is a homecoming to the wild beauty of kinship and the nuanced essence of womanhood. It is here that we rekindle an embodied connection to life itself, supported by the intimate power of a women-only enclave.

The Temple of Belonging offers a space where grounding and inspiration flourish side by side, ensuring every participant leaves nourished—both spiritually and physically.


This sanctuary is woven with conversations that resonate with our shared humanity, the tender joy of feeling held and seen, and the vibrant energy of collective revival. At the heart of our gatherings, we celebrate the simple yet profound joy of coming alive together.

This sacred space serves to remind us of what is innately ours: a loving community ready to embrace us, from the fertile soils beneath our feet to the kindred souls around us. In rediscovering the safety of being visible and supported as our true selves, we unlock a treasure trove of learning, giving, and receiving

Come to the center again, women, the fire is warm and we are waiting for you.


But the deeper WHY for Temple of Belonging:

What we are truly undertaking here is a profound journey into the heart and pains of our collective experience as women. We confront the deeply ingrained fears that have been woven into the fabric of our being—fears of each other, fears of ourselves, and the profound disconnection that has been imposed upon us.

Many of us carry the scars of sisterhood and motherhood wounds, haunting memories of exclusion or betrayal by other women. It is a remarkable act of courage to step into a space teeming with over 200 women, to be enveloped in an atmosphere of vulnerability and openness for days on end.

Healing these core wounds requires a direct confrontation with them. We gather here to embrace the diversity of bodies, beliefs, and expressions of womanhood, to honor each without judgment or condemnation. We invite you to rediscover the unique essence of your femininity, to hold it with grace and courage within our community, so that you may reconnect with all that you are through the collective strength of 'we.'

At the Temple of Belonging, we urge each of us to draw closer, to bridge the gaps created by hurt and the lingering colonial narratives that whisper of unworthiness. Our gathering is a practice in living in right relationship with the multifaceted, untamable, and unpredictable nature of Womanhood.

We acknowledge the reservations that some may have in joining us in song and sisterhood, and we want to affirm that we deeply understand these hesitations. Your choice to be here is an act of love and a brave step towards healing old patterns. We honor the depth of courage it takes to embrace yourself and to forge kinship with Women.

While we cannot promise that every participant will find the sense of belonging that becomes their medicine, we do not expect it to be so for everyone. This gathering is an invitation into deeper intimacy with all that is true, an aspect beyond our control for the collective.

Nevertheless, we gather in reverence for the longing in our hearts that yearns to belong once more—as women, in our wholeness, and in kinship with each other and all that it encompasses.

We can shift these tides together.

Our gathering and membership are centered around three main ethics:



What does your body feel like when you feel at home? What softens, what lands, what blooms? The Temple of Belonging is a community, a celebration and a collaborative exploration of what is truly needed for women to have a home in the world and with each other. Here we remember that we are at home within ourselves, with this diverse and beautiful community, and within the loving arms of this mother earth.




Your authentic self and true nature is the greatest gift that can ever be given, and here we do our best to co-create a space where you can really shine, rest, laugh, cry and be all that you have always been, knowing that you're welcome and loved. When women can stand in the radiance of their true selves, the world shines a little brighter, and we could use that medicine now more than ever.



Women have always been the center of home, community and the creation of life. When we return to the center again, we remember the old ways and how they feed the new, so that the healing of the feminine is not some big "to-do", but rather a sweet song to sing with those who are by your side and on the path. Women are the hearth of culture, and it's time we lean into tending this fire in a brave and beautiful way.


This is an invitation to women from all walks of life to come together in remembrance of ancient and emergent ways of living in co-creation with the many expressions of the Feminine.​

Together, we gather around the many faces and feelings of being Woman. This includes wisdom and skill sharing, ceremony & ritual, song & dance, food & celebration and children and mothers. We return to a way of tuning into the wisdom within as a way of connecting to our ancestral roots that remember women at the center.

We seek to create an inclusive, diverse, brave, and supportive space to amplify each voice, and make room for healing to emerge in sisterhood and soul-lead conversations.​ We as women and as children of the earth are here to remember the resilience of diversity and courage to connect when it matters most.


We seek to create a Temple of Belonging, and this is a collaborative experience that relies on all of our participation.

All are welcome here, as we co-create a returning to a time where women are well nourished around the hearth of true kinship.

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