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Check out our 2024 movement Facilitators

Sunny Love
Bliss Body

Bliss body is a spiritual dance ceremony for healing and transformation. Through guided practice and intuitive movement, Bliss Body invites us to awaken our curiosity to meet our different parts as we deepen layers of awareness and return to what we already know: deep wisdom, love and bliss are at the core.


Harty Kelley
Morning Qigong with Horse Cloud

Moving mediations to connect you to body, earth and sky.


Anna Mae
Mythic Qigong

A heart centered + nurturing container to explore the space where spirit (consciousness) + matter (the animal body) meet through embodied presence + mythic & elemental storytelling, acupressure self massage, breath, and sound.

230A8181 copy - Anna Mae.jpg

Syrah Rae
Yoga: Grounded body, open heart

A full bodied all levels vinyasa flow.

IMG_3726 - Syrah Rae.JPG

Jena Rae
Embodied Flow

Embodied Flow is an intentional time set to connect with the body and breath. We will be moving through the theme of Compassion and what its like to hold space for ourselves.

IMG_1100 - Jena Rae (1).HEIC

Antha Reynolds
Yoga: Finding Balance

How do you find balance? This class will focus on bringing symmetry to the body through the balancing all layers of self through asana, pranayama and energetic practices.


Roe Johnson
Yoga - Nectar Flow

This nourishing practice is initiated by deep curiosity and inner listening. With a foundational connection to our bodies, we will flow with compassion and spaciousness. We will soften our edges with slow and graceful movement, maintain intimacy with our breath and balance all of our efforts with ease and sweet surrender. All are welcome.


Tahlia Rubin
Secret Sunrise Dance

Secret Sunrise is a global community aiming to unite the world through music, movement and connection. It is a 1 hour guided “dance” experience using connected wireless headsets and facilitation, to lead individual and community exploration and connection through play and movement.

IMG_0403 - Natahlia Rubin.PNG

Wyld Lee
Taproot - exploring the inner dance while in commUNITY

Taproot - 5Rhythms foundational dance experience

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