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Meet our 2024
facilitators and space holders!

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Yvonne Pérez Emerson
Cacao Ceremony from an Indigenous Lens

Join us to honor Ix Cacao, Medicina Cacaocita, Mama Cacao. We’ll open our hearts in ceremony, with song, rattle and drum to welcome in inspiration, love and harmony. Taught from an Indigionous lens of Maya & Mexica.


Antha Reynolds
Healing the Sister Wound

Healing the sister wound is at the heart of this gathering. Through learning to collaborate with one another on a deeper level, we can cultivate deeper connections with our sisters and approach our life and community with openness and joy. In this workshop Antha and Alyssa will lead participants through a series of exercises for discussing the sister wound with one another and learning how to turn underlying competition into divinely aligned collaboration. We'll finish the workshop with energy healing and a sound bath.

JES_3565 - Antha Reynolds (1).jpg

Molly Bowen
Decolonization; a collective exploration of the path forward

This collective conversation will provide space to explore how colonialism currently impacts our lived experience and integrate practices individually and collectively to create a path forward that leads to liberation for all.

DO4A2552 - Molly Bowen.JPG

Xanna Seto
The Way of the Inca: Andean Cosmology and Q'ero Paqo Healing through Ayni

We will explore the cosmology of the ancient Inca Paqo healers, a lineage that has been preserved untouched by the Q'ero nation of the Peruvian Andes and learn practices connectiong us to the healing forces of Pachamama and all of the natural world. The fractal language of Quechua, which carries the activation codes to these practices will also be used in closing as we sing a beautiful medicine song together to honor these teachings and embed them in our consciousness.


Amron Bevels
Money Majesty & Quantum Entrainment

Spirit Science for Money: Where Quantum Meets Physics. A real practice to mold yourself into the desired version of yourself. 


Shannon Northroup:
Embodied Pelvic Wellness-Vulva Mapping

Be guided through an experiential journey of your external and internal pelvic anatomy, while the celebrating diversity of the female body.

20240311_134546 - Shannon Northroup.jpg

Maitreya Wolf
Song of the Soul Activation

In every being there is a unique and singular voice that carries the medicine of the soul into the body of the collective. In many of us, that voice is stifled, which stifles our ability to live to our fullest authenticity and potency as beings. In this work-and-playshop you will be led by musician, wisdom teacher, soul mentor, and public speaker Maitreya Wolf through a series of teachings and explorations related to voice as vessel of soul, embodiment, and expression that will support you in singing and speaking more powerfully, clearly, and confidently in your life and art.


Jenny Twohig
Herbal 1st Aid

Learn how to build a comprehensive, useful, and light first aid kit. In this hands on workshop we will learn about different plants, their uses, and applications. We will go on a plant walk, talk through strategy, and learn about other helpful tools to stay safe while adventuring.


Emily Sampson
Firewalking Ceremony

Firewalking - the act of walking barefoot across hot coals - is a powerful tool for connecting to your inner knowing and self confidence. Nurture your relationship to the transformative element of fire and your relationship to your innate human power. Firewalking is an opportunity to fully trust yourself. It can be the medicine for many things... is this a phoenix rising moment, a potent release, or a deep surrender to the courage that has always lived inside? Come to the fire as you are and be immediately changed in just a few short steps.

IMG_0808 - Emily Sampson.JPG

Meliss Robin
Goddess Illuminated Embodiment Workshop

In the Illuminate Embodiment Workshop, you'll uncover the root of your fear of being seen, embrace your authenticity, cultivate self-compassion, and tap into your inner wisdom. Step into the spotlight and share your authentic self in a safe and supportive environment.  During the Group Ritual Goddess Photo Session, experience the power of capturing your journey through stunning photographs with your sisters. Melissa Robin's unique approach combines somatic practices, breathwork, and meditation to help you embody your intention in every frame. 

melissarobin-7640 - Melissa Robin.jpg

Molly Jaeger
Ensemble Improv: Create With The Living Moment

This is an improvisational form of performance that facilitates connection and playful collaboration in a group. This open form, draws on experimental theater of New York from the 60's and 70's, jazz and zen philosophy and was created by Scott Kelman in the 90's and early 2000's in collaboration with his students. Together we will explore simple games and formats that become rich and engaging 'performance' with little more than shifts in perspective. By exploring the combination of consciousness, our bodies in space, relationship and meaning coalesce and we get... a fascintating performance unfolding in the moment to watch and explore, inside and out. 

Untitled design (6) - Molly Jaeger.jpg

Claire Avelina
Energy Hygiene & Protection

Learn how to powerfully cast away unwanted energies (ie. “bad vibes”, ghosts etc.) and receive tools to clear and protect your sovereign energy field to an advanced caliber.

Headshot-Improved - Claire Avelina.jpeg

Cass Estes
Rawhide Rattle Making

Rattles are ancient instruments revered for their gentle and soothing sounds. These sacred tools can be used to shift consciousness and enter a trance like state. Rattles are used in spiritual healing and purification of the mind, body and soul. The cleansing sound can unblock stagnant energy and restore vitality. They carry elemental energy, use your rattle to invoke spirits and connect with ancestors. Rattles are traditional instruments in ritual & ceremony, meditation & journeying, song & dance, storytelling & celebration.

JES_3523-1 - cass estes.jpg

Fernanda Samambaia and Friends
Grief Ritual

There is an immense amount of alive and compounded grief at this time on our planet. We believe the only way forward to a new weaving, is through metabolizing the sorrows that dwell within us. Grieving in community and being witnessed, is one of the only ways to heal not only our grief, but the grief of our ancestors. We will create a ritual, and invite everyone to honor the sacred portal of transformation that is grief.

This ceremony is informed by many traditions and teachers, including Joanna Macy, Sobonfu and Malidoma Somé, Francis Weller, Martin Prechtel, Stephen Jenkinson, Laurence Cole, Ahlay Blakely, the well of compounded grief of our times and many more.

10D13127-CF14-46AB-8459-45DBD54B114B - Fernanda Medici.webp

Marianna Iverson
Broken Open: Tending the Gift Within the Wound

Inside our deepest wounding lies the potential for our greatest gifts to be born. There is a beauty in our brokenness, and sorrow is a thread that weaves us all together. Join Marianna Iverson, Ceremonialist and Soul guide, in a council way circle/wild wander experience where we explore our wounds, healing, relationship with the living earth, and each other.

20230926_201057788_iOS - Marianna Iverson.heic

Yvonne Pérez Emerson
Amulet Making: A Sigil Workshop to Release & Receive

Bring your intentions to receive and release. We will learn the art of sigil making and have a releasing ceremony upon completion. What is a Sigil? Sigils are personal glyphs that represent your desires, your intentions, and carry your personal magick. The can be used for healing and growth, or to empower your divine being.


Natalya Imboden
Women's Temple

The Great Balm of our Body is an Awake tool of Devotion. Being in the generosity of receiving & giving without mental hurdles or effort is our feminine superpower. Together in Temple we do what women have done naturally before capitalism and patriarchy; Being with what arises from our seat of Divine Wisdom. Temple is ordinary devotion to presence. We slow down, sink in, support, touch, move, witness, and learn again how easily we can be in Service to our Divine Essence.


Brigette McConville
Traditional Plateau Weaving of a Gathering Basket

I will share my traditional weaving skills from my my peoples of the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, and share my culture. I'll begin with a showing of traditional weaved bags of my tribe and the history and uses behind them. Then we'll create a small one you can take home. 

HZEN6203 (1).JPG

Wyld Lee
Invoking Pussy

A ceremonial activation reconnecting our voice to our pussy through The Three Gateways.


Amy Terepka
Softening into Self-Love with Rose Medicine

In this workshop we will connect with the spirit of Rose to guide us into the deeper places within us that are calling out for our attention. We will talk about what embodiment means, and practice going into our bodies to feel, track patterns, and arrive back home. We will invite Rose to help us connect to our inner landscape, our body’s wisdom, and soften the hardened places that have kept us closed off to our own love. And we'll invite Rose to share with us her wisdom and insights about self-love and belonging.

Amy Terepka-149 copy - Amy Terepka.jpeg

Esmé Whritenour and Em Quiver
Sovereign Birth: A Reclamation and Invitation

Sovereign Birth: A Reclamation, is a workshop exploring what is possible through the initiation and portal of birth. We will explore how our ancestral patterns and our own birth imprints play out in birth, the ecstasy available in undisturbed birth, what structures of oppression we encounter in industrial birth, the magic of the hormonal matrix of birth, and how we can fully claim our power as women in birth.


Syrah Rae & Dana Vargas
Botanical Breathwave Journey

The ceremony will include an introduction to a seasonal wild foraged plant through sharing tea together in circle. Through the acquiantance of this plant, we will deepen our concious connected breathwork practice with Earth's wisdom. The breathing portion will last one hour with hands on facilitation and support from the botanical realm. In community, we will also have time to share our reflections and experience with one another.


Wynne Weddell
Beadwork as Medicine

Together we will move through the basics of making a small pair of earrings, keeping in mind the power of beading as medicine. My beading journey began 7 years ago as a coping mechanism for climate grief & systemic injusticies, and a deepened connection to culture as an Ihanktonwan Dakota nomadic beadwork artist. This art form has been incredibly healing for me, and I wish to share that. What inspires you? Let's come together and weave stories, welcoming vibrancy, healing, & creative connection into the world.


Devi Denson
The Shamanic Journey:
theory, practice, experience
and introspective sound healing

Devi guides a Shamanic Drum Journey. With preparation and guidance her rhythmic drumming pattern, may unlock the doorway to non-ordinary healing states of consciousness.


Madison Hayashi

We will explore a brief overview and acknowledgment of the origin of leather & its ancestral relationship, an introduction to various leather tools & crafting techniques, and the process of hand-creating a personalized leather item from conceptualization to finished craft. Leather creations will include your choice of: stamping, stitching, carving and designing patterns for jewelry adornments, bookmarks or deerskin pouches. All leather and materials will be provided, although you are encouraged to bring special beads, gemstones or personal embellishments to incorporate into your leatherwork.

IMG_3595 - Madison Hayashi.jpeg

Nina von Feldmann
Dream Ripple Water Blessing ceremony

A collaborative dance and prayer experience to imbue our collective field of energy into the spirit of the water, to awaken the living lazer liquid crystal love bubble techonlogy that holds us all reverently in the heart of creation.


Nylah Brooks
Connecting to Womb Wisdom Through our connection to Mother Womb 

In this container we will be weaving together in the sacred feminine Honoring our wombs energetically, by moving stagnant energy through breathwork and body movement Holding our wombs through mediation Learning to become active participants in our daily womb health through plant medicines. By creating Yoni Steams & Tea Blends Connecting to the Goddess, Oshun, by creating an alter & mandala as an offering for deeper connection to our sacral areas and devotion to the divine


Amanda Daniel
Herbal Care for Women's Health - The Childbearing Years and Beyond

An exploration of herbs to support women's health, particularly during the childbearing years. We will get to know herbal remedies for overall nourishment, PMS support, menstrual support, cramp relief, hormone support, skin & digestive health, pregnancy, postpartum, menopause, and more. There will be opportunity to sample tinctures of the main herbs we discuss and everyone will make a nourishing herbal tea blend to take home and enjoy.

IMG_7841(1) - Amanda Daniel.jpg

Em Quiver
Her Waters: Relations, Practices & Sacred Activism

Part discussion and part experiential, we will explore relations with Water, simple practices to increase quality of movement, undam creative power, and honor the source of life. We will bring song and ritual to amplify our individual and collective Water prayers.

IMG_6553 - Em Quiver.jpeg

Stephanie Seliga-Soulseed
Backyard Ecology: connection to life exactly where you are

Atuning to the natural rhythm of the seasons and the cycles of growth and death, Stephanie will lead you on an exploration of the soil and our place in the web of life. This interactive workshop is accessible to anyone with an interest in tending the lives of plants, animals, soil, seeds, tubors, children and other living things. it is child friendly and will include touching dirt, coloring, plant walk and wild harvest.


Antha Reynolds and Friends
Forest Sound Bathing

Join us for a space to integrate the magic of sisterhood. We'll land in space together to integrate and process with the support of nature to guide our way. Antha will play the crystal singing bowls while Alyssa offers hands on healing for participants.

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