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The Gathering's Mission

This mission is simple:

Make space for women to return to the center, in right relationship to self, sister and source.


This is an invitation to women from all walks of life to come together in remembrance of ancient and emergent ways of living in co-creation with the many expressions of the Feminine.​

Together, we gather around the many faces and feelings of being Woman. This includes wisdom and skill sharing, ceremony & ritual, song & dance, food & celebration and children and mothers. We return to a way of tuning into the wisdom within as a way of connecting to our ancestral roots that remember women at the center.

We seek to create an inclusive, diverse, brave, and supportive space to amplify each voice, and make room for healing to emerge in sisterhood and soul-lead conversations.​ We as women and as children of the earth are here to remember the resilience of diversity and courage to connect when it matters most.


We seek to create a Temple of Belonging, and this is a collaborative experience that relies on all of our participation.

All are welcome here, as we co-create a returning to a time where women are well nourished around the hearth of true kinship.



Our mission is to gather in reverence as we dream new and ancient ways to tend this land in harmony and mutual benefit. We hold our beloved Mother Earth as the greatest teacher of all, the giver of all, and pray that these ways of weaving in womanhood will nourish her for many generations to come.


We humbly acknowledge that our programming is held on the traditional lands of the Molalla and Kalapuya people. We take this opportunity to offer respectful recognition to the Native communities in our region, and to those who have stewarded this land throughout the generations. We recognize the continual displacement of Native people by the United States and are committed to work on dismantling the ongoing effects of this settler colonial legacy. Please join us in gratitude for ​the contributions Indigenous peoples have and continue to make to our community, country, and world.

We humbly seek to live and work in respect and integrity of their living stewardship and teachings, and amplify the voices, stories, wisdom and livelihoods of the Original Peoples of this land.

A percentage of proceeds will go directly towards the Original People of these lands and their worthy efforts to regain politicial and ecological sovereignty.

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