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The Temple of Belonging is a co-creative remembrance of what it could feel like if we return to the bright, deep, and fertile reality of women centered relationship and communing. We honor the ancient songs of the land we gather with, as well as dream a new reality of living in harmony with the ancient and emergent ways. We honor all stages of life; child, maiden, mother, crone, ancestral, to be welcome and fully alive here with us over the course of these 3 days. Welcome, kin. Your participation here is planting the seed for a new future of collaboration for womanhood and the generative power of feminine vitality!

The nature of belonging...​

We know the bravery to call this gathering "the temple of belonging" and yet, are devout in learning what She is here to teach us all. This gathering is an invitation, it's an initiation, and it's a remembering of the sacred union of our personal and collective responsibility to continue to feed and nurture a present and future that values the felt sense of belonging, and can stay curious about it's complex and challenging nature.

Belonging has many definitions, and here we seek not to have you each agree to our definition, but come into even deeper intimacy with the way it moves and lives and breathes within you. And during this gathering, we seek to promote freedom and honesty and intimacy as we co-create that which we long for most: meaningful, empowering, and nourishing connection.. to self, to sister, and to source.

So please come with an open heart, a kind mind, and a willingness to welcome this experience as an extension of your own understanding and participation in this web of reality that we all share.

You are loved, valued, and welcome here, as you are.

Thank you for sharing this beautiful time with us to return to Belonging in the ways that we know how.

With love, the T.O.B crew and kin.


Mama's Den & Kids Camp

Welcome to Mama's Den & Nature's Playground, a haven where we embrace you and your little ones with open arms.

Mama's Den & Nature's Playground is a space meticulously crafted to cradle mothers in solace and nourishment, while providing an enchanting playspace for children to explore and connect with the world around them. During our open hours there will be someone there to play and hold space for your little ones, allowing you the opportunity to immerse yourself in soul-nurturing workshops.


Our purpose is to create a haven where your children can create cherished memories, while you connect with sisters, delve into illuminating parenting workshops, or simply find respite beneath the shade.

Activities prepared for the children include: crafting herbal baths, drawing labyrinths, naming crystals, songs, games, coloring, and more!

Open hours for Mama’s Den


Staffed hours:




Unstaffed Hours:




Black Moon Wellness
Spa and Lounge

We are thrilled to offer healing arts and spa services at this year's gathering!

We have a full line-up of seasoned and heart-full energy work, massage, acupuncture, and bodywork specialists to support those who want to enjoy a more restorative, rejuvenating, and balancing experience to add on to their gathering experience!

There will be a spa lounge that offers DIY self-care delights, pop-up workshops focused on health, beauty, and self-care, and will be a space to mellow out and unwind from the day's activities.

The spa and lounge is sponsored by the magnificent team at

Black Moon Wellness!



The Temple of Belonging seeks to repair the colonial and capitalistic mentality that has damaged the hearts and spirits of our culture, our connection to the animate and alive world that we are a product of, and of our deep union with nature. This gathering is constantly seeking deeper and deeper relationship to the local peoples, organizations, and collaborators that seek to repair reciprocity with the history of this sacred land, of womanhood, and desire to build a brighter and more hopeful future for the generations to come.


to inquire about being a partner or sponsor of this gathering and it's mission!


We will have a community marketplace that is open all weekend featuring medicine, art, pottery, weavings, and more from our attendees and facilitators and crew!

If you are interested in bringing your wares and good to sell, please fill out this form here:


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