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Temple of Belonging Membership

Welcome to The Temple of Belonging, an online sanctuary for women from diverse backgrounds to inspire, connect, and support each other. Our community is built on the foundations of shared wisdom and authenticity, offering a brave space where you can share your experiences, learn from others, and grow both personally and professionally.

This space is about rekindling connections, about finding what brings us closer to our true selves, to each other, and to that innate sense of belonging. Our membership goes beyond our annual gatherings, responding to the desire for ongoing connection and the creation of a hub for women centered wisdom and resources that can enrich our lives.

By joining our community, both online and in person, you're supporting a network of women who are boldly stepping into their own, and each other's, journeys with respect, joy, and courage.

So, dive into this space and all it has to offer. Let it be a place where you can continuously rediscover and embrace the essence of belonging and womanhood, where every part of you is acknowledged and valued.

Warmly, The Temple of Belonging.

This membership is an extension of our annual gathering, for those who seek to be a part of this incredible community but cannot attend the annual gathering.

Your Membership Benefits

  • Monthly T.O.B. Journal -

    • Read exclusive blogs, essays and articles written by T.O.B Facilitators that can only found here, highlighting the topics and events being focused on this month as part of our membership communtiy. 

  • Access to early-bird tickets and limited merch - 

    • Get your tickets to the gathering and quarterly event before they go on sale to the public, and snag our soon-to-be-launched merch here once it drops - so exited for this! ​

  • Access to the T.O.B. exclusive member and facilitator directory -

    • Find the people who impacted you or you'd like to follow up with all in one place, through our ever-growing directory of facilitators from all the gathering's prior and ongoing member events.

  • Access to 24/7 live community chat forums -

    • There will be multiple chat hubs, dedicated to specific topics so that we can keep connection, promotions, community events and poetry all separate and easy to find and participate in!

NOTE: We are running a lighter membership until the gathering in 2024, to focus all of our production and organizational skills on creating the most beautiful and well-supported event we can! 

We will launch the full online membership in the fall, and until then, please enjoy these simple yet sweet ways to connect before and during the gathering.

All BIPOC women, please enjoy 20% off all plans
by using code 'BIPOCTOB' at checkout ❤️

Choose your pricing plan

  • Gather

    Every month
    Come gather 'round
    • Exclusive Journal and Content from T.O.B. Facilitators
    • Access to early-bird tickets and limited merch
    • Access to the T.O.B. exclusive facilitator directory
    • 24/7 T.O.B Community Chat portal

All tiers include the offerings from the previous ones

Membership Eligibility

Membership is open to individuals who identify as women, who are 18 years of age or older, and wish to activley enjoy and participate in a women-centered community.

Currently, members must live in the Pacific Northwest or The Cascadia Bio-region to foster deeper focus on locality and community.

Members must agree to adhere to our community guidelines, terms of service, and the membership policy.


Respect for all members is paramount. Discrimination, harassment, or any form of abuse will not be tolerated.

  • Members are expected to engage in constructive and respectful discussions.

  • Personal information shared within the community should be treated with confidentiality and respect.

  • Members should not use the community for commercial solicitation or spamming.


This is a space designed to foster connection, joy, intimacy and wisdom throughout the year, and hold as a pillar in our community for our ever-growing crew of women who hold such needed medicine and magic.


We hope to make it easier to find each other in the dark...

Members must agree to adhere to our community guidelines, terms of service, and the membership policy.

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