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August 4-8, 2024 in Colton, OR

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Remembering our belonging to this earth and each other by weaving Wisdom, Wellness and Wildness in Sacred Sisterhood.

This is for all who identify as Women and value the deep joy of reclaiming and embodying our humanity as medicine.


A blend between a festival, conference and community gathering.

This is a place to connect with like-hearted kin, gain new skills and wisdom-shared that foster your own belonging to yourself and the world, and is a place to practice being in the heart of kinship.

The Annual Gathering

The Temple of Belonging Bio-Regional Gathering is a transformative four-night, five-day experience that celebrates the essence of women-powered community and culture.

Immerse yourself in a space where women can reconnect with themselves, each other, and the source that powers us all in a nurturing and intimate setting.

This all-inclusive event invites women to share in all aspects of life, providing a retreat from the world where women are at the heart of the community, where they inherently belong.

We offer over four days of soulful programming, including dedicated spaces for mothers and children, morning yoga and meditation, ritual and ceremonies, home-cooked meals, hiking and camping under the cedars, a healing arts spa, evening songs by the fire, and even a makers marketplace!

Being surrounded by women for four and a half days is a rare and extraordinary experience that leaves you changed in the best way possible.

The gathering is designed to be fun and empowering, allowing you to be as active or relaxed as you wish. Everything is an invitation, and you are trusted to enjoy this time in a way that best suits your needs.

Discover more details below and join us for the Pacific Northwest's most cherished women's gathering, The Temple of Belonging.


What you can expect:

Annual 4 1/2 day campout

Wisdom and Workshops

Craft and Skill Building

Home Cooked Meals

Movement and Meditation

Healing Arts Services

Maker's Market

Sacred time in Nature

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The Community Membership

This membership is an extension of our annual gathering, for those who seek to be a part of this incredible community but cannot attend the annual gathering.


The community membership a response to the clear desire for ongoing connection and a collaborative effort to create a hub of wisdom and resources for living and sharing.

By joining this community, you are not only supporting a network of brave and nurturing women but also empowering yourself and others to come home to themselves in reverent, joyful, and courageous ways.


As a member, you will have access to exclusive content, member-only events, private dedicated chat spaces and a supportive network that amplifies the many facets of the wise and well woman.

Enjoy the offerings of this space and allow yourself to feel welcomed home, time and time again. Embrace the opportunity to grow, share, and thrive in a community that honors your authentic self.

Discover the benefits of membership and join us in weaving a tapestry of connection and belonging that extends beyond our yearly gatherings.

The Temple of Belonging

The Temple of Belonging- from the witch tarot by Agni Sullins:

The Church of Fitting In is a tattered doctrine pedaling the snake oil of self-improvement

it sustains its dying creed from your contortions

of worthiness bending for approval

twisting for appreciation

bowing and scraping in hopes of sanction

through the blood-art of performance

prettiness and productivity its prophets of profit

believe you are less than and grow rich from the spoils

of your complicit agreement

when you believe their creed, you'll purchase the diet

conceal the flaws tweeze the unwanted

shave the unsatisfying girdle your nature deny your deep joy sacrifice your pleasure on the altar of pleasing others

and suffer the guilt of every stolen freedom

in the unholy name of fitting in

you'll reject all that doesn't grant you access

to their idea of perfection

and purchase all that does what they don't profit from

there are no riches in belonging

except for the woman who is willing to embody it

The Temple of Belonging is golden

its hallowed ground welcomes you

as both priestess and crone

and adorns your shoulders with the robes

of benefactress and beneficiary
enter the covenant of your sovereignty

become your own sanctuary

drink from the chalice of self-worth

take communion with the internal

divine swallow it down like the seasons

and seeds of Persephone's fruit

give voice to the old songs

the ones that wolf and moon and forest still sing to

dance out of Eden feet drumming the wayback

wonder and chant the holy stories

the truth older than myth

that women are the holy grail

conceiving, conjuring, and delivering

every single human being on the planet

worship at the altar of your soul's deep content

like the moon-drunk curve of lily

the garnet skin of pomegranate

the ink spill arc of raven's wing

glorious in its unfolding precisely as it is

wild, whole, free and perfect in relation only to itself

kiss your curves like a prayer

anoint your fingers with honey from your own jar

spread wings and legs and heart in flowered benediction

become a disciple of inner devotion

resurrect the silver salvation of self-respect
believe in your self and your wild holy heart

like it's a sovereign religion
it is and the world needs more missionaries.

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