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Remembering our belonging to this earth and each other by weaving Wisdom, Wellness and Wildness in Sacred Sisterhood

Join us for 4 days of connection, camping, and creative expression with sisters under a full blanket of stars. This is a space to come and learn, laugh, and deepen your love with your own bio-regional community of women

This is for all who identify as Women and value the deep wisdom of reclaiming and embodying the Divine Feminine

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This is an invitation to women from all walks of life to come together in remembrance of ancient and emergent ways of living in co-creation with the many expressions of the Feminine.​

Together, we gather around skill sharing, ceremony & ritual, song & dance, food & celebration. We return to a way of tuning into the wisdom within as a way of connecting to our ancestral roots that remember women at the center.

We seek to gather women from all walks of the life. We seek to create an inclusive, diverse, brave, and supportive space to amplify each voice, and make room for healing to emerge in sisterhood and soul-lead conversations.​


We seek to create a Temple of Belonging.

All are welcome here, as we co-create a returning to a time where women are well nourished around the hearth of true kinship.


This is a four-day campout gathering where in addition to daily shared movement, meals, performance arts and ceremonies, there are two opportunities per day to "choose your own adventure" and engage in many diverse experiences & workshops.

Offerings include:

-primitive skills

-ancestral healing

-vocal empowerment

-sacred rage

-demystifying money

-song medicine

-elder wisdom

-goddess photoshoots

-grief ritual

-womb wisdom

-dance & movement

-rattle making

-womb healing

-herbal medicine

-healing arts services

-self care & self healing practices​

and much more!

Check out the FULL LINEUP of workshop and wisdom shares here:


Our mission is to gather in reverence as we dream new and ancient ways to tend this land in harmony and mutual benefit. We hold our beloved Mother Earth as the greatest teacher of all, the giver of all, and pray that these ways of weaving in womanhood will nourish her for many generations to come.


We acknowledge that the Sacred lands we gather and pray upon do not "belong" to us. The work we do is on the Unceeded lands of the First Nation's People including: The Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs, La Grand Rhonde, and Siletz, as well as the Tribes of  the Umatilla, Walla Walla, and Cayuse, Wasco and Wishram people who once, and still do, live with and for this beautiful land. 

We humbly seek to live and work in respect and integrity of their living stewardship and teachings, and amplify the voices, stories, wisdom and livelihoods of the Original Peoples of this land.

A percentage of proceeds will go to the Wisdom of the Elders Foundation.

Why Temple of Belonging?

The Temple of Belonging is a state of being, where She is open, fully giving and receiving all life has to offer, and in reverent relationship wherever She goes, knowing She is connected to all women of the world through her body and her breath.

It can be hard to feel like we "belong" in an energetically masculine world that wasn't exactly made to celebrate the wild, wise, and powerful feminine. So we created this space to permission our fullest expressions as women, to be fully together in community, and in harmony with the essence of Mother Nature. We support, hold, and honor each other in remembering what it feels like to be a walking Temple of Belonging.

We get to learn the ways we belong to ourself, first and foremost, and then engage in nourishing connection and relationship. From this space, we are the weaver and the web.

You are the temple of your own belonging, and this is a place to remember how beautiful it is to be you, exactly as you are in this now moment, living and loving on this Gift of a planet. And our planet is calling us fourth into deeper reverent connection with Her, and all of Her expressions through us.

We value diversity and inclusion as the path forward to creating more brave spaces of belonging for everyone, so we will be offering scholarships for BIPOC community members as well as for the 60+ community as a way to remedy the discriminations done to those voices and hearts we seek to amplify and deepen in kinship with.

This gathering is held lovingly by a diverse council of women who seek to weave our  communities here in the PNW in a supportive and joyful way.

Heaven on earth is for all of us, when we remember our kinship to each other and the land we are fortunate enough to walk upon.



This is a four day campout gathering that is on beautiful and secluded land here in the Columbia River Gorge. There are three meals provided a day, bathrooms on site, and showers available for use. There will be an opening and closing ceremony with a nightly fire, daily movement classes, a wide selection of workshops, as well as access to the creek and hiking trails on the property.

This is a fun and agency-based gathering where you can be as busy or as relaxed as you choose. Some workshops or ceremonies will need more integration time than others, and your energy may feel more open or private at various times. Everything is an invitation, and you are trusted to enjoy this time together in a way that suits you and your needs best.

Children are welcome, and there will be childcare available at certain hours of the days to support the mamas:)

There will be a "makers market" for folks who want to buy or sell their homemade goods, but other than that, please bring all things you need to sustain yourself for four days of camping and hanging and enjoying the land.

We will send out a full packing list as the event approaches.



2-5pm: Arrive, Settle in, Snacks

6pm: Opening Ceremony

7pm: Dinner, Orientation, Connection

8pm: Music and Relaxation


8-9am: Morning Movement

9am: Breakfast and Beverages

10-12pm: Morning Workshops

12-2 pm: Midday Workshops 

2-3 pm: Lunch

3-4 pm: Free time/ Tea time

4-7pm: Afternoon Workshops

7-8pm: Dinner

8-10pm: Community Variety Show


8-9am: Morning Movement

9am: Breakfast and Beverages

10-12pm: Morning Workshops

12-2 pm: Midday Workshops 

2-3 pm: Lunch

3-4 pm: Free time/ Tea time

4-7pm: Afternoon Workshops

7-8pm: Dinner

8-10pm: Water Blessing & Ecstatic Dance


8-9am: Morning Movement

9am: Breakfast and Beverages

10-12: Morning Workshops

12-1pm: Free and Tea time

1pm: Lunch

2pm: Closing Ceremony

3pm: Pack up and prepare to depart

There will also be :

- a SPA and lounge, offering paid healing arts treatments

- a mamma's den childcare tent and sanctuary

- a silent temple and tarot tent

- a sun room tea lounge 

- plenty of land to walk on and commune with 

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