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Welcome to a magnificent gathering nestled amidst the tranquil beauty of a sprawling, private 1400-acre ranch, perched majestically in the hills of Mosier, Oregon.

This enchanting event spans four days, serving as a sanctuary for those who identify as women—a celestial junction where they can detach from the demands of everyday life, unravel their spirits, and converge to exchange timeless wisdom, partake in delectable meals, engage in soul-stirring conversations, and embrace tender moments with nature.

Bathed in the golden light of each new dawn, we will come together to revel in morning movement classes, delve into workshops that stir the imagination and nurture the heart, and bear witness to sacred ceremonies that ignite the soul. We shall be nourished by culinary delights crafted with love, savoring the bounty of home-cooked meals that rejuvenate both body and spirit. As twilight casts its gentle veil upon our gathering, we shall unite in connection spaces, delighting in captivating entertainment and mesmerizing performances. And when the sky unfurls its midnight tapestry, we shall gather beneath the celestial canopy, our eyes fixed upon the countless stars, sharing tales and forging bonds around the sacred fire.

In our unwavering commitment to inclusivity, we open our embrace to all who identify as women, ensuring a space that accommodates every need. Child care shall be tenderly provided throughout each workshop, affording mothers the freedom to immerse themselves fully. For those who seek respite and introspection, a haven awaits at the tea and tarot temple—a sanctuary of serenity where one can bask in the gentle cadence of time. Furthermore, a spa and lounge beckon, offering rejuvenating body and energy work, for we understand the importance of tending to our well-being amidst life's ceaseless hustle.

This gathering manifests as a tapestry of choices, allowing you to immerse yourself in as much or as little as your heart desires. It is an invitation to shape an experience that aligns with your deepest yearnings and the unique longings of your soul. Here, within the sanctum of The Temple of Belonging, a plethora of spaces, places, and kindred spirits await your connection. We entrust in your intuition to guide you on this extraordinary journey, certain that you shall depart, cradled in a web of support, revitalized, and inspired to breathe life into your dreams once more.


What this gathering offers:

  • An Emergent, Diverse, Inclusive, and Accessible space to be seen, held, and cared for!

  • Access to 300 acres of pristine high desert land that has been loving tended as a nature sanctuary for 30 years

  • 4 days of intentional and inclusive programming, workshops, ceremonies, ritual, and emergent conversation

  • All meals that are organic, vegan, locally sources, and made with love

  • Part-time childcare and mama's den space for support for all our little ones and their mothers

  • A spa and lounge for those who wish to focus on slowing down and receiving physical and energetic care

  • A marketplace to showcase and sell the many beautiful goods made by our community

  • Morning meditation, prayer, qi gong, and yoga 

  • Space to "choose your own adventure" and explore the depth of land and wisdom workshops that you want

  • A tea and tarot lounge to unwind and drop in

  • A silent temple space to enjoy quiet and solitary time

  • Nature trails, the Mosier creek, and oak forests to explore and enjoy

  • Nightly fire and star gazing

  • A sacred rememberance of our ancestral ways of living and loving and learning together.

  • A brave and humble space to share all the nuances of sisterhood, community, healing arts, and activism.

The camping down-low...

This is a camping event, car camping and RV's will be welcome for a small fee to pay onsite.

Camping is included in your festival ticket.

The festival area is loaded with treed and field camping. Perfect for fairy lights and hanging decor and making your camping spot your home for the weekend. Please be respectful of the land and leave no trace.

Early arrival for on-site campers is available Thursday September 14th, with the gates opening at noon.

 Toilets, showers, and drinking water will be available. 

There is no on-site power hook-up.

If you need support renting camping gear, head to ->

The food ...

A fully catered event! Nourishing organic and plant based meals will be provided throughout the weekend by Adrienne Hasler :)

*BYO cooler for beverages, snack for in between meals, and any extra meat/ protein you may desire to nourish the specific needs of your own bodies.

There will be NO FIRES OR CAMP STOVES allowed to prepare hot/ cooked foods!

Meals included are: Dinner on the 14th; breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the 15th and 16th, and breakfast and light lunch on the 17th.

All women are required to bring their own plate, bowl, set of utensils and mug for coffee/tea!

What to bring?

  • Water bottle

  • Sturdy shoes and sandals

  • Extra snacks, meat products if you desire

  • All camping gear

  • Extra shade structure if needed

  • Ca$h money for artisan gifts, certain workshops, and spa offerings

  • Eating utensils, cups, plate and/or bowl

  • Sunglasses / sunblock / bug spray

  • Personal medications

  • Warm clothing for nightime

  • Carts, baskets, or bags for transporting goodies around the land

  • Towel

  • Yoga Mat

  • Land offering / Altar pieces

  • An open heart


What to expect?

  • No cell phone service (consider bringing a watch) and disconnecting from the busy world

  • No fires, or camp stoves - no private cooking is permitted

  • Smoking will be reserved for specific gravel areas

  • Be prepared to walk uneven ground (there will be ADA shuttles available)

  • Lots of sun, wind, and elements!

  • Showers are available (byo toiletries)

  • No dogs allowed - this is a nature preserve with lots of wildlife

  • A sober space where connection and sisterhood is our drug of choice

  • 2 workshops a day (plus more pop-ups)

  • 3 organic vegan meals a day

  • Opening & closing ceremony

  • Love, beauty, support, creation, BLISS!

  • Morning movement / meditation

  • Wild animals about, prepare to be aware of your surroundings

  • Bodies and beliefs of all kinds, all worthy of love and acceptance

The Temple of Belonging reserves the right to ask anyone to leave who does not respect our guidelines of equality, respect, and integrity. Everyone will sign this agreement upon arrival.

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